VR roller coaster sends granny over the edge

VR roller coaster sends granny over the edge
That moment the unreal becomes real and she can’t take it. Eighty-eight year-old Marie took a VR roller coaster ride and the internet loves it.

The video, filmed on Christmas morning in Hawaii, shows Marie getting sucked into the experience, screaming and laughing. Gripping a family member’s hand throughout she loses it, clearly. “Don’t go Denise,” she calls, before hooting in excitement.

Marie had never been on a real roller coaster, so the VR experience was a double trip.

The video has been viewed more than a 1.2 million times.

VR headsets are the new must-have for video consumers - creating an immersive experience for viewers who want interactive 360 experiences.

Some are even made from cardboard. The VR headsets allow you to sit a smartphone in the unit, and physically interact with new video content forms.

Users can look up, down and around and see a virtual world.