Pig in the city: Tenn. police use donuts to lure runaway animal

Pig in the city: Tenn. police use donuts to lure runaway animal
Police in Tennessee found themselves having to raid the cafeteria cupboard after receiving a call to help remove a pig on the loose from an intersection in Bartlett city.

An officer from Bartlett Police Department decided to use donuts to help lure a pig away from a busy stretch of road in the Germantown and Cinders area of the city.

"Who doesn't love a good donut?" the Thursday post reads.

Piggy's big adventure. Animal control officers are luring a loose piggy using donuts as bait in the area of Germantown...

Posted by BARTLETT POLICE DEPARTMENT on Thursday, 17 December 2015

The pig had to be enticed to move before the Bartlett Animal Shelter could intervene and safely remove the pig from the roadside and return the animal to its owner.

This isn’t the first run-in pigs have had with police in 2015.

Police in Michigan had to initiate a cleanup operation in one of their cars after they caught a pig on the loose in the small town of Shelby, but it then pooped in the backseat once inside the vehicle.

Oklahoma police also found themselves with an unlikely passenger in their backseat, and just as messy.

A "Miniature Mediterranean" donkey was placed in one of the Norman Police Department’s cars after it was found roaming the streets and all was going well until it decided to “offload” in the backseat.