VIDEO: Teen basketball player makes ‘one in a million shot’

VIDEO: Teen basketball player makes ‘one in a million shot’
Just in time for the release of the new “Star Wars” film, a young US basketball player harnessed his inner Jedi to make an incredible last-gasp, game-winning shot.

With just under two seconds left, the Austin Packers were trailing rivals Northfield by two points in Tuesday’s game.

Like Luke Skywalker dropping a torpedo into the Deathstar’s thermal exhaust port, 16-year-old Oman Oman launched the orange orb 80 feet across the court and somehow got it into the basket for the decisive three-pointer.

Video of the breathtaking shot has gone viral, attracting those who believe miracles.

“It was just a reaction. I just got the ball, and I threw it up. Luckily it went in,” Oman modestly told the Austin Daily Herald. “It was a tough game at the end. We definitely stole one from them.”

“I’ve coached a long time and I’ve never had that happened to me,” opposition coach Andy Berkvam told Northfield News. “What are you going to do? He threw it 80 feet. It’s a one in a million shot.”