The world vs. The Donald: Top 5 responses to Trump’s anti-Muslim ideas

The world vs. The Donald: Top 5 responses to Trump’s anti-Muslim ideas
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has sparked controversy and outrage throughout his campaign with a never-ending stream of outlandish statements, including a proposal to ban Muslim immigration to the US.

With comments that are always ready to incite a reaction, Trump has pushed even the most ‘normal’ people to make ridiculous proposals that most might expect to hear only from the man himself. As his controversial views and comments continue to make headlines, people continue to react.

Here are just some of the things people want to do to Donald Trump this week:

Launch him into space on a rocket

Amazon CEO and owner of The Washington Post Jeff Bezos offered to shoot Trump into space on one of the rockets designed by his Blue Origin aerospace company. This came after Trump blasted the paper for running an article on how to beat him.

The tweet unleashed the hashtag #sendDonaldtospace.

Ban him from stepping foot in the UK

A petition to ban Trump from entering the UK has hit the 300,000 mark, meaning MPs will have to consider debating the issue.

The petition was launched by Scottish campaigner Suzanne Kelly on the grounds of hate speech, coming after Trump called for the banning of Muslims from entering the US.

UK Chancellor George Osborne has said the presidential hopeful will not be barred from the country.

Remove “Trump” from Trump Tower

A councilor in Toronto wants Trump Tower to have the word “Trump” removed, arguing that the name doesn’t belong on the Toronto landmark. Councilor Josh Matlow has called Trump a fascist and says his name shouldn’t be on the Toronto skyline.

Defend the character of a fictional villain

Harry Potter author JK Rowling jumped to the defense of her villainous creation Lord Voldemort after he was compared to Trump.

Comparisons were drawn between the two across social media following Trump’s call to prevent Muslims from entering the US.

Strip him of his honorary degree

The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen has stripped Trump of the honorary degree awarded to him in 2010.

The university said Trump's comments had been "wholly incompatible" with its ethos and values.