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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos offers to shoot Trump into space as insults fly

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos offers to shoot Trump into space as insults fly
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took to the Twittersphere to insult the owner of the Washington Post after the paper ran an article on how to beat The Donald.

The Washington Post suggested that with presidential candidate Jeb Bush polling at 3 percent, his Right to Rise super PAC should use what’s left of its funds to run negative campaign ads about Trump in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

That started the billionaire vs. billionaire smackdown on Twitter, with Trump taking the first shot: He said Post owner – and Amazon CEO – Jeff Bezos was using The Washington Post newspaper as a tax write off.

This prompted a flurry of retweets, likes and comments comparing each billionaire’s earnings.

There were spoofs of Trump’s campaign slogan:

And those pointing out what Trump missed:

Trump’s estimated worth is at $4 billion, which trails behind Amazon’s Bezos, who is worth an estimated $59.4 billion and is number five on the Forbes List of Billionaires. But that didn’t stop The Donald from reminding the Washington Post that he is good at winning:

Or that Amazon’s share price could fall:

Even the fake Donald Trump Twitter account had to weigh in this time:

Eight hours later, Bezos, who has tweeted just four things since he joined Twitter in 2008, returned the fire by offering to shoot Trump into space on one the rockets designed by his Blue Origin aerospace company.

The hashtag #sendDonaldtospace prompted an outpouring of support, even suggesting new locations for campaign slogans:

The only hiccup in the plan? Bezos’ Blue Origin has designed a rocket that not only brings its passengers back to Earth, but the rocket, too.

For some that presented a problem with Bezos’ Trump space campaign.