Plane makes emergency landing in California with no wheels (VIDEO)

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A private jet had to make an emergency landing in Palm Springs, California - with no wheels. The landing gear had failed to deploy, meaning the plane had to try and land on its belly.

As the jet approached the Palm Springs International Airport, it became clear that it would be forced to make an unusual landing. However, the pilot was more than up to the task and brought the plane safely down, despite its undercarriage not working.

There was a danger that the aircraft got be set alight due to the sparks caused by the plane landing on its belly, but fire crews were quickly on the scene to spray foam onto the jet and no injuries were reported. 

Belly landings are not unheard of, but require great skill from those flying the plane to bring it down safely. One of the most common causes of having to carry out the manuever is the pilot simply forgetting to deploy the landing gear.