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20 Nov, 2015 22:05

Man swinging samurai sword at NYC Apple Store detained by NYPD

Man swinging samurai sword at NYC Apple Store detained by NYPD

A man with a sword has been taken into custody by law enforcement at the Apple Store in New York City, according to reports from people on the ground and local media.

Details about the incident are slim, but photographs and videos posted on social media show a man swinging what looks like a samurai sword on the spiral staircase of an Apple Store, while employees try to keep customers and passersby at bay. The man moves part way down the stairs before the video, which is now unavailable, cuts away.

Other photographs show several New York police officers surrounding the man outside the store. 

In the photos, the man is lying on the ground, with an officer holding what appears to be a sword.

Breaking news, Guy with a samurai sword started attacking people with the sword and tried to kill himself at the Apple Store, Fifth Avenue on 11/20/2015 3:45pm EST. VICE News CNNPhoto credit: Luis Apolo

Posted by Luis Apolo on Friday, November 20, 2015

According to WABC, police said the man went into the store on 59th Street and 5th Avenue and began yelling while swinging the sword. Two NYPD officers were in the store at the time and were able to detain him.

Some Facebook accounts suggest the man waved the sword at others and then tried to kill himself, though this has not been confirmed. Others stated the store was evacuated.

Something going on at the .5th avenue Apple Store cops and helicopter #nyc #apple #cops

A video posted by Gaurav Khanna (@mrreachg) on

No one was injured in the incident, WABC stated, and the unnamed man has been transported to a local hospital.