Twitter disses Ben Carson’s rap ad

Twitter disses Ben Carson’s rap ad
Twitter has been less then kind to Republican nomination hopeful Ben Carson’s attempt to reach out to African American voters with a new radio ‘rap’ ad to be aired in coming weeks for primarily black markets in cities like Detroit, Memphis and Atlanta.

Twitter users were quick to point out the cringe worthy nature of the track. Some noted the advertisement sounded like it had been masterminded by people with no clue about hip hop, and many were not ready for the ‘science’ the former neurosurgeon tried to dole out.

The track opens with booming bass drums and a soloing flute melody as rapper Aspiring Mogul, a self-described “Christian Republican Rapper,” grunts a few “Yeahs” and “Votes” before hitting his first bars: “Vote and support Ben Carson/For our next President, he’d be awesome.” It’s not exactly a perfect rhyme, but the spirit cannot be denied.

Then the track cuts to clips from Carson’s speeches, optimistic about America – both past and future –before Aspiring Mogul jumps back on the track to finish it out.

Carson himself seemed to be not very happy with the ad.

"I support, you know, them in doing that. But, you know, I probably would have taken a little different approach," he said.

This is far from Carson’s first attempt to use rap music in his campaign, as the announcement of his bid for president featured a gospel version of rap star Emimen’s “Lose Yourself.” Carson is currently in second place in a national CNN poll, with only a single point separating him from Donald Trump.