170,000 iconic pictures of Depression-era America released by Yale (PHOTOS)

November 1936 © photogrammar.yale.edu
Yale University has uncovered a real treasure trove: 170,000 photos of the Depression era from all over the US that tell a graphic story of people’s everyday lives and struggles.

The pictures date from 1935 to 1945, and are placed on the map of the US in the so-called Photogrammer, which allows users to click on each county nationwide.

June 1936 © photogrammar.yale.edu

You can trace one of the most woeful decades in the US history, sorting the selection by photographers – some are legendary, such as Dorothy Lange and Walker Evans.

November 1936 © photogrammar.yale.edu

Both of them worked for the Farm Security Administration, the body set up to help battle rural poverty.

November 1936 © photogrammar.yale.edu

The photos are physically stored in the Library of Congress.

February 1936 © photogrammar.yale.edu

The Great Depression was a tough time for the entire world community, marking the 1930s economic collapse.

May 1937 © photogrammar.yale.edu

In the US in particular, unemployment reached 25 percent in 1933, with about 15 million people out of work. Thousands of banks and businesses went bankrupt.

February 1937 © photogrammar.yale.edu

Drought and erosion forced many off their farms, while in the cities homelessness and hundreds standing in breadlines were a common sight.

January 1938 © photogrammar.yale.edu

The Roosevelt government’s New Deal slowly helped the country deal with the crisis, providing citizens and businesses with work and welfare programs.

February 1939 © photogrammar.yale.edu

September 1939 © photogrammar.yale.edu

September 1939 © photogrammar.yale.edu

January 1939 © photogrammar.yale.edu

1942 © photogrammar.yale.edu

March 1942 © photogrammar.yale.edu

January 1943 © photogrammar.yale.edu

March 1943 © photogrammar.yale.edu

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