Drunken sailors make stinky deposit while breaking into bank

Drunken sailors make stinky deposit while breaking into bank
Two US Navy sailors are going to have way bigger problems on their hands than nasty hangovers: They were arrested after police found them passed out in a Virginia bank. One was naked. There was feces on the floor.

Norfolk police were called to a bank branch early Tuesday morning for a burglary by a security guard.

When they entered the building, they discovered a man passed out on the lobby floor who appeared to have lost control of his bowels.

They then found another unconscious man further in one of the bank’s offices. He was naked.

It was unclear if the men, identified as Samuel Bland, 23, and Alex Ronne, 22, had taken anything, but they had gone through some of the drawers in the bank, police told WVEC.

People arriving for work across the street from Heritage Bank were treated to an unusual sight when officers escorted Bland and Ronne out of the building.

One of the men was dressed only in trash bags, witnesses told WTKR.

The two sailors were charged with commercial burglary and felony vandalism. They were released on a $2,000 bond, and will be back in court on Friday.

Police believe alcohol was involved in the incident.