#NoHateDebate: GOP candidates met with protest over their anti-immigrant rants

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump © Dominick Reuter
Hours before Republican presidential candidates are to clash in a televised debate, dozens of protesters rallied in Los Angeles to express their anger over GOP rhetoric on immigration.

The rally occupied streets near the Ronald Reagan Library, where the debate is to start at 8 p.m. EST.

Some of the protesters got their anger out on a giant effigy of the leading candidate Donald Trump, slapping and punching it.

In one video, demonstrators chanted, "Trump says go away; we say no way!"

Other presidential contenders were paid homage with their own effigies and posters.

Protesters chanted slogans "Nothing Less Than Citizenship" and "No to GOP Hate."

Donald Trump vowed to build a massive border wall and end birthright citizenship for babies born to undocumented immigrants.