Thousands queue for ‘most exclusive website’ to see…

Thousands queue for ‘most exclusive website’ to see…
Thanks to curiosity, something mysterious known as the “most exclusive website” has made international headlines recently. Thousands of people are waiting in line to be allowed onto a website which only serves one person at a time, for 60 seconds.

As of Friday, almost 1.5 million minutes were “spent waiting to be exclusive” on the page created by Justin Foley of Ohio. Millions still have no idea what’s contained on the website – until their ticket comes up.

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The developer made this page the exact opposite of what the World Wide Web is supposed to be.

“The Internet was designed to be open and accessible; what if I made a website that was the antithesis of one of the defining qualities of the internet?” Foley said in an e-mail to the Washington Post.

The website isn’t new, but it’s made it to Reddit’s front page, multiplying the number of people who want to be exclusive. With so many trying to log in at once, the page often collapses. When connection to the server is lost, your number in line is gone with it forever. With many tempers lost, some users have already tried to hack into the site.

Roughly eight of every nine ticket holders bail before their turn comes up, the developer told the Washington Post, but it also means that the line moves faster.

“Good things come to those who wait,” as the lucky (or are they?) users tease in comments.

Spoiler alert – don’t scroll down if you’re still in line!