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13 Jun, 2015 07:41

Dallas police HQ attacker shot dead by sniper after dramatic chase & standoff

Dallas police HQ attacker shot dead by sniper after dramatic chase & standoff

A Dallas police sniper has killed an attacker who had earlier fired automatic weapons and left explosives at the city’s police headquarters. Police have confirmed that the suspect is dead.

The gunman fired several shots at the police department in Dallas and left several bags of explosives nearby. The attacker has not been officially identified, but was confirmed dead on Saturday, according to the police.

#Breaking We can now confirm that the susp in the van is deceased but unable to confirm ID pending Med Ex. identification #DallasPDShooting

— Maj. Max Geron (@MaxDPD) June 13, 2015

A bystander uploaded this video of the incident, which occurred at midnight, local time (warning: strong language).

There was gunfire in front of the Dallas Police Department headquarters as the suspect rammed his van into police cars and attempted to flee. The standoff that followed on Interstate 45, involved a SWAT team.

To block the suspect's vehicle, police had to shut down the highway. The van was intercepted near the town of Hutchins.

#BREAKING photos of squad car shot by suspect #DallasPDShootingpic.twitter.com/mtLH2E02gG

— Maj. Max Geron (@MaxDPD) June 13, 2015

After the attack, several bags were found near the headquarters building. Some of them contained homemade explosives. One of the bags self-detonated, Dallas Police Major Max Geron tweeted.

#breaking As the Explosive Ordinance Robot attempted to move one of the bags @DallasPD HQ, the bag exploded on its own #DallasPDShooting

— Maj. Max Geron (@MaxDPD) June 13, 2015

Another suspicious package was found under a police truck at the department's parking lot. Bomb disposal experts managed to disarm the explosive devices.

A law enforcement representative initially said there might have been up to four suspects in the van. However, police reports indicate there was only one gunman, who shot from several different spots. The attacker said his name was James Boulware during police negotiations. Boulware has been connected to several earlier cases of domestic violence. However, police say they can’t confirm whether this is the suspect’s real identity.

#DALLAS: Suspect's van intercepted near #Hutchins, might carry explosives - police sources http://t.co/TQFQ7BbU5Upic.twitter.com/G0YZ1P9AgV

— RT (@RT_com) June 13, 2015

The 50-year-old man blamed the police for losing custody of his son, and claimed they accused him of being a terrorist. Dallas police chief David Brown said Boulware was not knowingly attached to any terrorist group.

Geron mentioned that no officers were injured during the attack, police chase or standoff. The suspect was shot through the windshield of the van with four .50 caliber rounds. Police were cautious to enter the vehicle to ensure the gunman was dead, fearing there may have been more explosives inside.

Meanwhile, Brown mentioned at a news conference that officers were able to inspect the van, believed to be loaded with C4 explosives, through the aid of a camera-equipped robot. The suspect had left the vehicle at the parking lot of the headquarters building, AP reported.

This is the first time DPD HQ has been under attack.

— Dallas Police Depart (@DallasPD) June 13, 2015

"We just woke up to a few pops and thought somebody was on my balcony, and then looked outside and saw the van crash into the car," Anita Grendahl, who lives opposite the police headquarters, told AP.