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Texas dam on Padera Lake ‘breaches’ following massive floods

Texas dam on Padera Lake ‘breaches’ following massive floods
A Texas dam on Padera Lake has fractured as a result of unprecedented flooding, local media report. Authorities are issuing warnings, as the dam may break in the coming hours, placing anyone in its path in peril.

Local media has been sounding the alarm, with CBS affiliate KRLD reporting the dam had been breached at around 12pm GMT. However, no immediate danger was reported.

Several moderate streams of water began to flow over the edge of the dam, live footage from the scene showed.

Nevertheless, the National Weather Service advised people to move to higher ground.

Authorities have also blocked Highway 287, with as much as 15 feet (4.5 meters) of water expected to cover it if the dam gives way. Another highway between Grand Prairie and Midlothian is also expected to close soon, according to THV11.

There are some two dozen homes and a business located in the vicinity. Farm animals have already been relocated.

Authorities have started pumping off the water, to avoid a huge burst. Concerns over the dam were first voiced last week, so authorities have been putting safety precautions in place for several days now.

When the potential disaster became apparent, the dam was still under construction, being fortified to make it more permanent, according to NBC.

The danger that may arise, according to the weather forecasters, is a flash flood. The National Weather Service has issued a warning for Ellis County, saying Padera Lake, where the breached dam lies, is expected to be hit.