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Shooting at US Census Bureau leaves 1 dead - reports

Shooting at US Census Bureau leaves 1 dead - reports
A shooting at the US Census Bureau in Suitland, Maryland has left one man dead. Police apprehended the suspected gunman shortly after on Thursday evening after a car chase-turned-shootout that ended in northeast Washington, DC.

The victim of the Census Bureau shooting has been identified 59-year-oldLawrence Buckner, local NBC 4 reported, a security guard. Police say he was shot in his upper body

After a car chase that involved numerous police vehicles, the suspected gunman was shot by authorities several times. His condition is unclear.

According to NBC 4, police say the dramatic series of events started when the suspect kidnapped his wife near T Street in Washington, DC and made his way towards the Census Bureau, though it's unclear if his wife was with him this entire time. She has been found safe, police said.

Once the suspect's car arrived at the Census building, Buckner reportedly saw the gunman arguing with somebody and approached, only to be shot in the chest.

After driving away from the building, police gave chase. The suspect reportedly fired on pursuing officers. Police were able to intercept the gunman's green Honda by blocking the roads with their vehicles. The Honda then collided into the police cars in Northeast DC.

The car chase through DC ended when police shot the suspect in the head on H Street, the Washington Post reported. Three officers were also wounded during the incident, though their injuries are not life-threatening.

The suspected shooter was first reported to have been barricaded inside the building, causing confusion as to whether the police chase and the incident at the Census building were related.

Meanwhile, LA Times reporter Ryan Parker said the FBI has stated the situation is over and the gunman was never barricaded in the Census building.

The Census Bureau released the following statement:

Tactical units were at the scene of the Census shooting, according to a tweet by WUSA9 reporter Garrett Haake. SWAT teams also entered the building looking for the suspect, CBS Washington reported. Loud bangs were reported on social media by journalists in the area, though it's unclear if they were flash-bang grenades or gunshots.

Matthew Spence, whose Twitter profile states he is a Census Bureau statistician, said he heard shots fired every five minutes or so.

Police have yet to reveal details about the incident, though law enforcement, including the FBI, and emergency crews are responding.