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#Productplacementfail: CNN anchors favor iPads over sponsor Microsoft’s tablet on Election Night

#Productplacementfail: CNN anchors favor iPads over sponsor Microsoft’s tablet on Election Night
It appears that both the Democrats and Microsoft took a beating on Tuesday, after CNN presenters ignored a corporate sponsorship deal by turning the tech giant’s $799 Surface tablet into the world’s most expensive iPad kickstand on air.

CNN received the Surface Pro 3 tablets from Microsoft as part of an election 2014 partnership deal, along with an updated Multi-Touch Collaboration Wall, colloquially known as CNN’s ‘Magic Wall’, to be used on air.

And while the Microsoft tablets were featured prominently during CNN’s Tuesday night election coverage, it was what was going on behind the scenes that really got everyone’s attention.

While the “barricade of Pro 3s” managed to cover the clandestine iPad activity during straight shots, the panning camera revealed Jake Tapper tapping away on his iPad one finger at a time.

In another shot, political contributor Ana Navarro could clearly be seen using her Pro 3 to prop up her Apple tablet.

Astute social media users quickly began circulating the images online, a few employing the hashtag #productplacementfail.

This is not the first time Microsoft has ended up with egg on its face after inking a promotional deal to pull its Pro 3 out from under a massive apple-shaped shadow.

Earlier this year, Microsoft and the NFL agreed upon a five-year $400 million deal which required that the Microsoft Surface became ‘the official tablet of the NFL’. During live broadcasts, coaches and players were expected to use the tablet on the sidelines during games. It must have been a bitter (and expensive) pill to swallow when commentators began referring to the Surface as “iPad-like tools” or even simply “iPads.”

Speaking with CNet, CNN's chief synergizer, Matt Dornic, said their arrangement with Microsoft was nothing like the NFL deal. According to Dornic, the Surfaces were there to help connect with CNNs Magic Wall, which works best with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

“There was no product-placement deal," he said.

Microsoft is yet to comment on the incident.