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Dying man crashes into house, releasing 60,000 raging bees

Dying man crashes into house, releasing 60,000 raging bees
A freak accident involving 60,000 bees took place when a man in dire need of medical attention accidentally crashed into an empty house where the insects had built a giant hive, releasing them. The enraged bees took over the neighborhood instantly.

Patrick Lee Muirhead, 54, was driving his car along a Saginaw County road in Michigan at about 3:30pm when he failed to take a turn and crashed into a vacant house, the impact killing him as a result.

But the collision was only the start of the story, as an estimated 60,000 bees whose home had just been disturbed became free to terrorize the neighborhood, encircling cars and the walls of neighboring homes, according to the local Sheriff’s office speaking to the local Michigan Live news.

"The house, we're being told, has not been occupied for many years” Lt. Randy Pfau told the news source.

"There were thousands and thousands of bees," Tri-Township Chief Pat Harley also said. "Just masses of them."

Although a team of firefighters were called to the scene, the house was so infested, they could not get to the man.

The only way forward was to attach a tow strap to the crashed vehicle and try to pull it away from the battered home. A number of Sheriff Deputies and Tri-Township firefighters were at the scene.

As part of the measures to stop the neighborhood infestation, the firefighters sprayed the bees with foam, killing almost all of them instantly.

It later turned out the man had died on impact and there was nothing they could have done, but an autopsy is also being carried out as part of the investigation.