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5 Jun, 2014 11:12

Leaked Obama workout tape: Well... that was awkward

Leaked Obama workout tape: Well... that was awkward

A leaked video of President Obama pumping iron in a Polish gym has got social media in a spin. Far from complimenting the leader on his workout, people poked fun at the ‘Nerd-in-Chief’ for emboldening the enemy with his ‘weedy’ weights routine.

President Obama came to Eastern Europe to reaffirm his commitment to NATO allies over the crisis in Ukrainian amid criticism in Washington that he is not taking a hard enough line.

However, leaked footage of the President’s workout in a Warsaw hotel has got social media users questioning Obama’s tough-guy image. The video shows Obama making his way around the gym in a dark tracksuit, doing lunges and doing upper body exercises with a range of weights.

It seems that most social media users were less than impressed by the president’s choice of weights.

Obama's workout video makes Jazzercise look masculine.

— John Cardillo (@johncardillo) June 4, 2014

“You'll never have better arms than Michelle lifting like that,” wrote one Twitter user, while others poked fun at Obama’s workout face.

Lmao at Obama's workout outfit and his workout face. #tcot please focus on this instead of #Benghazipic.twitter.com/pMaw680rU2

— John Gregory (@JohnGregoryJr) June 4, 2014

Obama’s iron-pumping antics also prompted comparisons to Russian President Vladimir Putin, famed for his topless photos out and about in the Russian countryside.

Somewhere Vladimir Putin is cracking up watching the Obama workout video.

— Mike Loyko (@NEPD_Loyko) June 4, 2014

No sweat

The leaked footage provoked some speculation of a security breach, but the American secret service said that no one in the Marriot gym was barred from taking photos of the president.

“Hotel guests were not asked to leave the gym ... nor were they asked to refrain from taking pictures,” Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said.

According to security, visitors to the hotel as well as staff were all screened in preparation for Obama’s visit and the president was not in harm’s way.

Obama announced plans to channel up to $1 billion into boosting the American military presence in Eastern Europe on Tuesday. He made his statement at a military airport near Warsaw against the backdrop of F-16 fighter jets.

US President Barack Obama addresses US and Polish airmen in front of a F-16 fighter jet in a hangar at Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland, on June 3, 2014. (AFP Photo / Janek Skarzynski)

The move is aimed at reaffirming Washington’s commitment to the security to its NATO allies in light of the crisis in Ukraine.

The US has accused Russia of destabilizing the situation in Ukraine and called for dialogue with President-elect Petro Poroshenko. Russia has denied accusations it is behind the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and urged the Kiev government to cease the military operation in the east of the country.