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21 Oct, 2021 15:29

Welsh police station briefly evacuated after member of public hands in suspected bomb

Welsh police station briefly evacuated after member of public hands in suspected bomb

Police have declared there is no threat after authorities were forced to evacuate Pontypridd police station in south Wales. A member of the public had attempted to hand a suspected bomb to staff on the front desk.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, South Wales Police warned members of the public to stay away from Pontypridd police station after it was evacuated due to a bomb threat. 

The post said a member of the public had approached the front desk of the station and attempted to hand over “what is believed to be ordnance.” Media reports claimed the ordnance in question was a grenade. 

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“As a precautionary measure a safety perimeter has been established which requires the closure of roads near the police station. This will remain in place until it is declared safe,” the Facebook post read.

The message was posted shortly after 3pm local time (2:00 GMT), while images published by Welsh media from the town of Pontypridd showed officers on the streets with perimeters established around the station.

In an update issued shortly before 5pm, the police department confirmed that roads had reopened and the safety perimeter had been stood down. “The ordnance has been confirmed safe. We appreciate this caused some disruption but we had to ensure the safety of the public,” the post read.

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