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23 Jul, 2021 21:12

‘Only in UK’: Shocking clips show ‘prankster’ in SPIDER-MAN costume assault female staff, shoppers in London supermarket (VIDEOS)

‘Only in UK’: Shocking clips show ‘prankster’ in SPIDER-MAN costume assault female staff, shoppers in London supermarket (VIDEOS)

Bizarre footage from London showed a man dressed as Spider-Man kicking and punching a female worker in an Asda supermarket. Police arrested five people after the brawl, as reports pointed to a group of violent “pranksters.”

The video, apparently filmed on Thursday night, shows a man wearing a Spider-Man outfit bursting through a door and kicking a female staff member in the chest at an Asda supermarket in Clapham, London. He then punches her in the face, leaving her sprawled out on the floor. A separate video shows a massive brawl in the supermarket, where the costumed hooligan can be seen attacking someone with a crutch. 

Another short clip shows an old man lying helplessly on the floor before being helped by bystanders, apparently after getting knocked over during the violent incident.

The Daily Mail reported that the brawl started as a “stunt” organised by a group called Live Madness Replays, who record pranks and post them on Instagram and TikTok. According to the Mail, an account associated with the group live-streamed the brawl, but has since been deleted.

In a statement posted to Twitter on Friday, Wandsworth Police said that five people were arrested and remain in custody, and six were injured.

The man in the Spider-Man costume was one of several miscreants who dressed up and attacked shoppers and staff inside the supermarket. Several clips showed the group engaging in violence seemingly at random.

One of the alleged assailants has apparently posted similar videos to YouTube before, showing himself and his friends storming through supermarkets in costume to “cause some sort of mayhem.”

Wandsworth Police have asked anyone with footage of the violent incident to share it with London’s Metropolitan Police.

Commenters on Twitter reacted with shock, with one noting that “only in the UK” could “ASDA” trend alongside “Peter Parker.” Others were angrier, and condemned the “absolutely awful behaviour” on show.

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