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30 Jun, 2021 10:59

‘If he was white, they’d call the police’: Britons gobsmacked after viral clip of UK Muslim sharing his views on homosexuality

‘If he was white, they’d call the police’: Britons gobsmacked after viral clip of UK Muslim sharing his views on homosexuality

Britons have vented their anger after a clip, taken from a Sky News broadcast, went viral in which a British Muslim claimed homosexuality is “heinous” and that “women were created for man’s pleasure.”

A ten-second clip from a Sky News broadcast has been widely shared across the UK as the country celebrates Gay Pride month. In the video in question, a Muslim man, being interviewed by the news channel, tells the reporter that “homosexuality is heinous” and that “women were created for man’s pleasure.” 

The video has engendered a severe backlash on social media with many Britons describing the comments as “disgusting” and asking how on earth the man could get away with making such comments without any punishment.

“If this man was white, you would see enragement, calls for police involvement! Treat everybody the same!” one person tweeted, adding that this is where the UK is severely failing. Another person concurred, claiming that a Christian could never make such comments without repercussions.  

Many called on the government to take notice while highlighting the “silence” and the lack of “condemnation from any politician, the woke lobby, the feminists, the permanently offended by anything nutters." 

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Some people took aim at the “liberal left elite” for aligning themselves with conservative Muslim views despite it contrasting so sharply with their own opinions. One person highlighted openly-gay Guardian editor Owen Jones, who frequently speaks out in favour of Britain’s cultural plurality. 

“I suspect all the woke lefties will not utter a single word of disagreement with this prejudice mid evil attitude,” another wrote

Another jibed at the UK’s Labour Party, stating that clearly they cannot support both camps. 

Other Twitter users adopted a more radical approach, calling on people with the views shared in the video to move back to a Muslim country and noting that “this is what happens when Enoch Powell is ignored,” referencing the infamous politician and his “Rivers of Blood” speech.  

Wednesday marks the final day of Gay Pride month, when the LGBTQ+ community and others celebrate people coming together in love and friendship. While many of the usual marches and celebrations have been cancelled due to social distancing, rights groups have called for it to stand as a reminder of the harmful impacts of homophobia. 

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