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25 Nov, 2020 13:07

BoJo triggers wave of criticism with tweet promising Father Christmas WILL deliver presents despite pandemic

BoJo triggers wave of criticism with tweet promising Father Christmas WILL deliver presents despite pandemic

Boris Johnson’s attempt at a cutesy social-media moment failed spectacularly, as his response to a child wondering if Father Christmas would be able to deliver presents amid the Covid-19 restrictions prompted laughter and outrage.

The UK prime minister on Wednesday tweeted a letter he’d received from “Monti (aged 8),” who asked the Tory leader which coronavirus safety measures were necessary for Father Christmas to deliver his yearly cargo, and if he is planning on coming this year at all.

“I have put in a call to the North Pole and I can tell you Father Christmas is ready and raring to go, as are Rudolph and all of the other reindeer,” Johnson assured Monti, adding the caveat that all will be well provided that he “behaves in his usual responsible way and works quickly and safely.”

Despite the fuzzy subject matter, the tweet did not quite register as heartfelt with many on Twitter, who immediately schooled Johnson for allegedly making light of a public-health and economic crisis.

Some lamented insufficiencies of financial aid provided to those who have lost their incomes as a result of the pandemic, while others lamented the ongoing lockdown measures which have had massive impacts on businesses.

“Many kids won’t get presents as you’ve decimated the economy and put hundreds of thousands out of work or on greatly reduced income,” tweeted one of Johnson’s critics. 

“George aged 47 wrote and asked if his business has the remotest chance of being salvaged with an end to these insane lockdowns,”quipped another angry person.

Some joked that Santa Claus himself would have blood on his hands if he went door-to-door (or chimney to chimney) at Christmas.

Others blamed Johnson personally for mismanaging the Covid-19 crisis, given that the UK is one of the countries in Europe worst-hit by the pandemic.

Some said the government’s relaxation of rules around Christmas would only lead to a third lockdown, after the holiday.

The most cynical commenters, though, argued that Monti wasn’t even real.

The negative responses to Johnson merely writing back to a child prompted a backlash of their own, as some thought the PM’s detractors were being overly dramatic. “Looks like Scrooge is alive and well and running about 60 Twitter accounts,” commented one person.

Currently the UK is in lockdown, which is expected to be lifted on December 2. At that point, the rules will be scaled back to the ‘three-tier system,’ imposing covid-safety measures of varying severity, depending on the scale of the epidemic in specific areas. For the days nearer Christmas, the social-distancing rules are going to be relaxed, which has pleased some Britons, while angering others.

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