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‘Big on greenery, trans rights & BLM’: Farage issues damning verdict of BoJo's new direction after top adviser ditched

‘Big on greenery, trans rights & BLM’: Farage issues damning verdict of BoJo's new direction after top adviser ditched
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has offered a scathing analysis of the direction of the UK government, following Dominic Cummings’ departure as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s top advisor.

In a new Twitter video, the populist politician poured cold water on the popular notion that the dismissal of Cummings will herald a bright new future for the UK government, warning that it spells danger on the Brexit front, and political peril for Johnson.

Farage said the new crop of people from whom Johnson takes advice, including his fiancée Carrie Symonds, will steer the Conservative Party down a path that will appeal to metropolitan liberals while doing nothing for the voters in the Midlands and Northern England that helped Johnson secure his key election victory last year.  

“They’re going to go big on greenery, they’re going to go big on trans rights, they’re going to go big on generally not causing offence to anybody and, I’ve no doubt, taking the knee to BLM [Black Lives Matter] and other Marxist organizations,” he said.

Farage claimed Johnson cannot make decisions and has “always worried about short-term unpopularity”.

“‘Let’s be cuddly and fluffy and lovely and popular in central London’ – if he thinks that’s going to save his political career, he’s in for the most almighty shock,” he added.

The political veteran went on to forecast that the events of the past week are the “beginning of the end” for Johnson and his government, despite it currently commanding a comfortable majority in the House of Commons.

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