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27 Oct, 2020 10:48

Rules vs family values: Debate rages as BBC host apologizes for vowing to break Covid restrictions & join relatives at Christmas

Rules vs family values: Debate rages as BBC host apologizes for vowing to break Covid restrictions & join relatives at Christmas

A British TV presenter has had to back down over comments that she would ignore the ‘rule of six’ in England over the Christmas period in order to have her whole family together.

BBC journalist and news presenter Victoria Derbyshire apologized on Tuesday morning for comments she made in an interview with the Radio Times. 

In reference to Covid-19, Derbyshire had previously said she knows “what the risks are” as she announced her plans to break the government’s ‘rule of six’ over the Christmas period. 

Derbyshire’s plans would also see her elderly relatives join the family for Christmas, as “we need to see my elderly mum and my husband’s elderly dad. We just do,” she said. 

The presenter had received a lot of criticism for her remarks as people across the entire nation have had to make sacrifices during the pandemic. She now says she will follow whatever rules are in place on December 25.

Tuesday’s apology brought about fierce debate concerning social distancing as Christmas approaches and families look to reunite.

Despite the apology and promise to abide by the rules in place, one Twitter user slammed Derbyshire for her irresponsible comments.  

Another man was equally critical, hitting out at the journalist’s earlier remarks.  

Meanwhile, there were plenty of people who empathized with Derbyshire’s position, highlighting how it has been a tough year for everyone and that Christmas is a necessary chance to bring the family together. 

One man poked fun at the government rules which allow offices and businesses to continue at reduced capacity, but in many cases prevent household mixing in non-business environments. 

The debate highlights the challenges elderly people have faced in 2020, as many have been forced to hide themselves away in order to reduce their chances of contracting Covid-19.

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