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New Covid-19 restrictions in UK could be in place for SIX MONTHS, BoJo warns

New Covid-19 restrictions in UK could be in place for SIX MONTHS, BoJo warns
In a pronouncement that will send chills down the spines of UK residents, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suggested that newly-introduced coronavirus restrictions could be in place for six months.

The harsh new measures were outlined by Johnson in parliament on Tuesday. They include strict new social-distancing rules, an order that pubs be shut by 10pm and a slash in the size of wedding congregations. 

Masks were also made mandatory in a range of settings, and the fines for failing to wear one have been doubled to £200 ($256) for a first offense.

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In a stark warning to the British public, Johnson signaled that the restrictions may be in place for “perhaps six months.” The prime minister also cautioned people against complacency, saying it could hamper the UK’s efforts to combat the virus. 

“After six months of restrictions, it would be tempting to hope the threat has faded and to seek comfort in the belief that, if you have avoided the virus so far, then you are somehow immune,” he said. 

“That sort of complacency could be our undoing. If we fail to act together now, we not only put others at risk but jeopardise our own futures with the more drastic action that we will inevitably be forced to take.”

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