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19 Sep, 2020 14:16

Police engage in SHOVING MATCH with protesters at major rally against coronavirus measures in London (VIDEO)

Tensions ran high at a large rally against coronavirus measures in London, as protesters pressured the police to choose if they were with the people or with the authorities responsible for the restrictions.

Several thousand demonstrators flocked to Trafalgar Square on Saturday in violation of the ban on gatherings of more than six people.

The protesters, who neglected social distancing and mostly refrained from wearing face masks, chanted slogans and carried signs, decrying the government’s measures to stem the spread of the virus and the proposed mandatory vaccination.

“Covid is a hoax,” “Plandemic,” “This is now tyranny,” some of the signs read. They also blasted the UK press for its coverage of the pandemic, proposing “media distancing” instead of social distancing.

At one point, the crowd started advancing on the police, who were trying to maintain order at the event. They chanted: “Choose your side,” demanding the officers decide if they are with the people who are suffering under the Covid measures, or the authorities who are imposing the restrictions.

Footage from RT’s Ruptly video agency shows the officers and demonstrators shoving and pushing each other. When the police tried to make arrests, the protesters locked hands to prevent anyone from being extracted from the crowd.

Also on rt.com PM Johnson warns 2nd wave of coronavirus is coming to UK, says new restrictions may be needed

The UK recorded a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases in September, which almost doubled to 6,000 per day. On Friday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that a second wave of the pandemic is coming to Britain, and did not rule out new restrictions.

The UK has so far seen over 386,000 coronavirus cases, with more than 41,700 fatalities, but the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) warned that the number of new Covid-19 infections could be doubling in the country “as quick as every seven days.”

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