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23 Jun, 2020 11:51

UK PM Johnson changes 2-meter distancing rule starting from July 4

UK PM Johnson changes 2-meter distancing rule starting from July 4

Boris Johnson has announced that the UK’s two-meter social distancing rule will be reduced to one meter from July 4. Bars and restaurants will also be allowed to reopen, the prime minister said.

Johnson said that due to “the significant fall in the prevalence of the virus we can change the two-meter social distancing rule from the fourth of July.” He said that the current rule “effectively makes life impossible for large parts of the economy, even without other restrictions. For example, it prevents all but a fraction of our hospitality industry from operating.”

The two-meter rule should continue to be followed where possible, he said, but people are allowed to move closer where necessary, provided they stay at least one meter apart.

Johnson’s announcement that pubs and restaurants will also be permitted to open from July 4 was met with cheers from the House of Commons. Pubs and restaurants will have to operate table service only indoors and should minimize staff and customer contact. Businesses are asked to collect contact details from customers to respond to any local outbreaks.

“At every stage, caution will remain our watch word. Each step will be conditional and reversible,” he warned, adding, We will not hesitate to apply the brakes and reintroduce restrictions, even at a national level, if required.

Two households of any size will also be allowed to meet indoors or outdoors, while adhering to social distancing.

The fewer social contacts you have, the safer you will be.

“Almost as equally awaited as a pint will be a haircut, particularly by me,” Johnson said, explaining that staff must wear visors. Hotels, playgrounds and museums will also be allowed to open.

Many have questioned the two-meter rule, saying it lacks a scientific basis and is over-simplistic. Skeptics have pointed out that it doesn’t take into account the difference between indoor and outdoor settings for the transmission of the virus.

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