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WATCH: View from INSIDE apartment in Kent, UK, as man shoots randomly at streets below

WATCH: View from INSIDE apartment in Kent, UK, as man shoots randomly at streets below
Armed police have been deployed to an apartment building in Chatham in Kent after a man began firing indiscriminately at the streets below.

Police were called to the scene at approximately 8:30am local time on Wednesday morning. According to local reports, residents claimed the man was armed with multiple guns and had been randomly shooting at people. There are no reports of injuries or fatalities so far.

Footage from the man’s Snapchat shows him in his apartment with numerous guns and dozens of rounds of ammunition. He can be seen firing one of the weapons inside his home before then shooting indiscriminately from his balcony.

Speaking into the camera the man can be heard saying: “Tell them Tupac Shakur coming for the cops”.


Police have placed the streets around the Dockside part of Chatham on lockdown and have asked the public to avoid the area while the operation is underway. A police helicopter is also surveying the area around the incident.

"Members of the public reported seeing a man on a balcony with weapons and patrols, including armed officers, are at the scene making enquiries," Police spokesman Martin Very said. 

"There was a lot of banging just over an hour ago, I just assumed it was construction workers," one neighbor said, adding, "There was armed police outside The Range who waved everyone back, they moved towards the noise... Someone across the way shouted about someone having a gun."

A man in his 30s has been arrested on firearms offences following the incident. Images purporting to be from the scene show a man similar in appearance to the shooter from the videos being led away by police officers. 

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