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7 Apr, 2020 07:14

UK PM Johnson given ‘OXYGEN SUPPORT’ in ICU but is ‘not on ventilator,’ says Gove

UK PM Johnson given ‘OXYGEN SUPPORT’ in ICU but is ‘not on ventilator,’ says Gove

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has received oxygen support and is being kept under close observation in the intensive care unit of St Thomas’ Hospital in London after his Covid-19 symptoms worsened.

“He’s not on a ventilator, no,” cabinet minister Michael Gove said on Tuesday morning. “The prime minister has received some oxygen support and he is kept under, of course, close supervision.”

Johnson has been fighting worsening Covid-19 symptoms since his admission to hospital on Sunday after persistent high fever and cough symptoms continued since his original diagnosis. 

Gove added that Johnson was “physically full of life and fit” and “full of zest,” while claiming he was unaware of any additional pneumonia diagnosis for the prime minister.

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Gove continued that, for the time being at least and until the prime minister’s condition stabilizes, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab can “effectively deputize” for Johnson in chairing cabinet meetings up to and including making decisions on his behalf. However, he refused to say who controls the UK’s nuclear deterrent at this time.

Johnson’s cabinet has repeatedly downplayed the prime minister’s condition since his initial diagnosis and throughout his hospitalization. 

Raab and Health Secretary Matt Hancock repeated the line that the prime minister was “OK,” “had a comfortable night” and was “in good spirits,” lines which Gove himself echoed during statements on Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, Raab claimed to be in close contact with the prime minister throughout his deteriorating condition, despite later admitting that he hadn’t actually spoken to Johnson directly since Saturday. 

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