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9 Feb, 2020 16:27

Windy, with a chance of trampolines: Storm Ciara brings gales & flooding across Britain, disrupts air traffic (VIDEOS)

Powerful storm Ciara has reached the UK, causing massive disruption of land and air traffic, as well as sporadic flooding and property damage. It also sent many light objects flying, causing an online joking storm as well.

The authorities urged citizens to refrain from travel altogether, as heavy rain and extreme winds caused country-wide infrastructure disruption.

Although multiple flights across the country were cancelled, some planes, however, braved the weather — and landings in such winds are scary to merely look at, let alone to be inside a struggling aircraft.

The storm took its toll on land traffic as well, with fallen trees and flooding disrupting rails and roads.


In certain areas, the storm caused outright deluge, with rivers overflowing and streets getting under water, triggering desperate efforts to keep property dry.


The strong winds have also took down some weak structures — several football stadiums, and even one antique windmill have been battered by the storm. 

The storm has taken a particularly heavy toll on light and loose structures. Many people have had their trampolines gone — while the others had the jumping implements literally falling from the skies into their gardens.

Some however, kept all serious about them — for instance, at least two trampolines have landed on rail tracks and disrupted traffic.

Wheelie bins have been quite vigorous amid the winds as well.

The winds also affected many garden fences, especially those that have not exactly been steady.

The trampoline and fence fall caused a wave of online joking, yet people who faced more serious troubles with the weather were not amused.

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