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31 Jan, 2020 18:13

Remainers’ last stand: British pro-EU cheerleaders mourn Brexit day with black armbands

Remainers’ last stand: British pro-EU cheerleaders mourn Brexit day with black armbands

British citizens mourning the imminent departure of the UK from the European Union have expressed their sadness by making Brexit day black armband day, in a final gesture of pro-EU unity.

While some Brexiteers prepare to pop the champagne bottles at 11pm GMT on Friday to celebrate the UK’s exit from the bloc, pro-EU advocates have been treating the historic occasion as if someone significant has died.

Arch Remainers were seen out in force on social media, posting pictures of themselves wearing black armbands to commemorate the UK’s official final day as a member of the EU, before it embarks on trying to forge new relations with the rest of the world.

One man was seen standing in British military attire with a face mask, holding a candle and donning his armband outside the European Parliament in Brussels, while another person posted a picture of his father wearing a black armband at work.

Whole companies have been getting involved, posting pictures of their teams with sad-looking faces. Accordance VAT chief Lucy Franklin told the New European that she was allowing her employees to wear black armbands for the day in solidarity with their co-workers, of which 67 percent are European nationals.

On a day like today – quite unlike any other and so seismic for the future of our country – I'm giving my organisation and its people the chance to show how they feel.

Some tweeted gifs to show their grief, with one person tweeting: “Wearing a black armband today, so sad to be leaving the EU.”

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