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26 Jan, 2020 18:17

‘Sod off to Canada’: Hugh Grant lambasted for saying Britain’s ‘FINISHED’ thanks to Brexit

‘Sod off to Canada’: Hugh Grant lambasted for saying Britain’s ‘FINISHED’ thanks to Brexit

Hugh Grant sees no hope for his home country of Great Britain in the wake of the controversial Brexit decision – and the actor is now being slammed for his apocalyptic attitude.

Grant, star of films such as ‘Two Weeks Notice’ and ‘About a Boy,’ has been vocal for quite some time about his displeasure with Britain’s decision in 2016 to leave the European Union, but he kicked things up a notch in a recent interview by saying his country is “finished.”

Speaking with the Associated Press to promote his film ‘The Gentlemen,’ Grant was asked about Brexit and Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the actor made his feelings quite clear.

“I’m just wondering, how are you feeling now that everything is kinda settled? Are you encouraged any?” the interviewer asked.

“No, it’s a catastrophe,” Grant replied.

“So no bright line, or horizon–”

“No,” Grant said.

He then added, “No, no – country’s finished.”

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Grant, who was born in London, earned plenty of intense reactions to his “country’s finished” prediction, including from British journalist Piers Morgan who called the actor “disgusting” and an “arrogant twerp.”

“Hugh Grant is so disgusting. How dare he say Britain is 'finished'?  The only thing that's 'finished' is this stuck-up arrogant twerp's credibility as any kind of political expert,” Morgan tweeted.

Former White House official Sebastion Gorka took things a step further by questioning whether Grant was ever a “political expert” and even bringing up the actor’s infamous 1995 arrest in Los Angeles when he was caught by police with a sex worker.

Journalist Dawn Neesom suggested Grant “sod off” and move to Canada.

Grant was actively campaigning in December for several left-wing candidates in the UK’s general election. All four candidates he endorsed failed in their respective election bids.

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