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14 Jan, 2020 12:39

Johnson has snubbed Scotland’s ‘inalienable’ right to self-determination by rejecting 2nd referendum – George Galloway

Johnson has snubbed Scotland’s ‘inalienable’ right to self-determination by rejecting 2nd referendum – George Galloway

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is wrong to reject SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s request for a second Scottish independence referendum, and his decision could even lead to more trouble for London, George Galloway says.

The Ex-Labour MP told RT that while he doesn’t personally support Scottish independence, Johnson has erred by trying to block another vote on the issue.

The inalienable right of the Scottish people to self-determination means that they have every right to hold another referendum.

He noted that while it may be unrealistic to try to hold a referendum in 2020, Scotland should be allowed to go to the polls “any time that it chooses.” Describing the union between England and Scotland as a “marriage,” Galloway noted that “denying the rights of one partner can only lead to even bigger trouble down the road.”

In a letter addressed to Sturgeon, Johnson said that another independence referendum “would continue the political stagnation that Scotland has seen for the last decade.”

Also on rt.com London rejects Scotland’s request for second independence referendum

Sturgeon and her party have vowed to hold another vote on independence, a promise which was given greater urgency after Johnson’s election victory signaled that the UK would follow through with Brexit.

The move to leave the European Union is deeply unpopular in Scotland, and the SNP views impending Brexit as a mandate for a second independence vote.

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