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2 Jan, 2020 20:51

Hillary Clinton appointed chancellor of N. Ireland university... but no, she’s not moving there

Hillary Clinton appointed chancellor of N. Ireland university... but no, she’s not moving there

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been named chancellor of Queen’s University in Belfast, becoming the first woman to hold the largely ceremonial role – and igniting speculation on social media.

Clinton said it was a “great privilege” to become the university’s 11th chancellor, after her appointment was announced on Thursday. While the position does not involve relocating to Belfast – sorry, Americans – the chancellor acts as an ambassador outside Northern Ireland and sometimes oversees graduation ceremonies, in addition to advising the vice-chancellor and senior management. 

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The two-time presidential candidate received an honorary degree from the school in 2018 and has something of a history with Northern Ireland, visiting with then-president Bill Clinton when he became the first serving US leader to travel there in 1995 and returning many times over the intervening years. The Clintons also have a home in the Republic of Ireland.

Many on social media seemed to think she would be moving to Belfast to assume the five-year position, and (erroneously) celebrated.

Others wondered at the effect she would have on the students and the region, which is part of the United Kingdom.

A few grumbled that she still hasn’t paid for her crimes, despite the chant of “lock her up” popular at Trump campaign rallies.

Meanwhile, Clinton supporters gloated and referenced the ill-fated Trump University – as if Clinton had had any role in founding or funding Queen’s.

Clinton claims to be facing “enormous pressure” to enter the 2020 presidential race, with her supporters envisioning it as a rematch against President Donald Trump. Since losing in 2016, Clinton has spent most of her media appearances attempting to delegitimize her opponent, blaming his victory on everything from Russia to former FBI Director James Comey to her Democratic primary opponent Bernie Sanders, who is running again in 2020. Clinton’s university position is not expected to impede a third presidential run that many, including former Trump campaign director Steve Bannon, believe is imminent.

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