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‘He hasn’t read his own deal’: Johnson accused of Brexit ‘lies’ on Northern Ireland in bizarre rambling speech (VIDEO)

‘He hasn’t read his own deal’: Johnson accused of Brexit ‘lies’ on Northern Ireland in bizarre rambling speech (VIDEO)
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been accused on social media of making a number of flagrant contradictory remarks on what his Brexit deal means for Northern Ireland in a somewhat chaotic address to Conservatives.

In what appears to be an impromptu speech to Northern Irish Conservatives on Thursday night, as part of his general election campaign, Johnson made a number of statements that have sparked bewilderment online.

One such claim made by Johnson was that his Brexit agreement with Brussels would mean no “checks on goods going from Northern Ireland to Great Britain.”

However, Sky News political correspondent Lewis Goodall pointed out on Twitter that the PM’s own government papers reveal the “precise opposite” with checks on goods having to take place in both directions.

Many others on social media have insisted that it was no real surprise that he’s been caught misleading people on the details of his Brexit agreement. One person joked: “Since when have pesky things like documented facts and the truth got in the way of a good Lie for Johnson.”

Others ridiculed his marked enthusiasm for how Northern Ireland supposedly gets to “keep free movement” of people and “access to the single market” with his deal. Under current EU rules, Northern Ireland already enjoys these two features.

One person mocked: “Nearly as good as staying in the EU.” Meanwhile, others sarcastically suggested that Johnson should try to secure that arrangement for the rest of the UK because it’s a “great deal.”

The UK is not scheduled to leave the EU until January 31 after Brussels granted a three-month extension. All eyes now are on the snap general election, with a five-week campaign culminating in Brits going to the ballot boxes on December 12.

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