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‘Baseless propaganda’: Farage’s Brexit Party votes against EU resolution to counter ‘Russian election meddling’

‘Baseless propaganda’: Farage’s Brexit Party votes against EU resolution to counter ‘Russian election meddling’
Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has voted down a resolution aimed at giving the EU stronger powers in battling Russian ‘meddling and disinformation’ in elections, branding such claims as “scare stories used to shut down debate.”

Farage and his colleagues were ultimately unsuccessful on Thursday in thwarting the proposal which called for “monitoring of the impact of foreign interference across Europe.”

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The motion requested that the EU East StratCom Task Force – which focuses on “disinformation” from the bloc’s eastern neighbors – to be upgraded with a permanent mandate. The Brexit Party rejected the plans, insisting that claims of Russian interference in elections have been “exposed as baseless propaganda and scare stories used to shut down debate.”

One of their MEPs, David Bull, insisted that his party exists to remove the UK from the EU and would always “vote against more power and spending by the bloc.” He hit back at criticism from other parties in the European Parliament that were angered by their rejection of the motion.

We won’t take lessons in democracy from parties which have packed together in order to frustrate the Brexit vote, the largest democratic act in recent British history.

In June, EU officials claimed that Russia had attempted to interfere in the European Parliament elections in May by disseminating disinformation and using fake stories to “promote extreme views.” Russia denies the accusations.

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Earlier this month, the US Senate Intelligence Committee rehashed claims of ‘Russian interference’ in the 2016 US presidential election, yet couldn’t provide any actual evidence in their new 85-page report – only assertions.

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