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3 Oct, 2019 10:58

Order! Luke, I am your Speaker: Bercow’s voice goes ‘Darth Vader,’ provoking laughter and sympathy

Order! Luke, I am your Speaker: Bercow’s voice goes ‘Darth Vader,’ provoking laughter and sympathy

Speaker John Bercow struggled to open proceedings in the House of Commons with his usual authoritative voice on Thursday, sounding instead like Darth Vader, which prompted laughter in the chamber, but sympathy on social media.

The iconic UK Speaker of the House surprised everyone by sputtering out an incredibly hoarse “Order, order!” as he addressed lawmakers on Thursday. It was greeted with much hilarity in the chamber, and Bercow, seeing the funny side, ploughed on nonetheless.

“Questions to the Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport,” Bercow announced, before pausing to acknowledge the continued amusement of MPs. “It won't last long, don't worry,” he assured the House.

The Speaker didn’t appear to get much sympathy from MPs, but he did have some well-wishers on Twitter who told him to “get well soon.” However, there were those who didn't hold back in making fun of his distorted voice, comparing it to Star Wars villain, Darth Vader.

In early September, Bercow announced that he will step down on October 31, after 10 years in the role. He’s the longest-serving speaker since the Second World War, and has called “order!” over four parliaments and under four prime ministers.

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During that time, Bercow’s flowery language and thunderous pronouncements have arguably made his voice the most recognizable in parliament.

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