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14 Aug, 2019 23:58

UK government plans to combat stabbing epidemic… with warnings on fried chicken boxes

UK government plans to combat stabbing epidemic… with warnings on fried chicken boxes

The British Home Office has hit upon a new strategy to curb knife crime, by putting anti-stabbing messages on boxes of fried chicken takeaway in several restaurant chains in England and Wales. Critics are calling it racist.

Knife free” chicken boxes were revealed on Wednesday as the keystone of London’s plan to combat the surge of knifings across the UK. More than 321,000 takeaway containers will be sent to chains like Morley’s, Dixy Chicken and Chicken Cottage.

The boxes will feature warnings about the dangers of carrying a knife, as well as supposedly real-life stories of young people who opted for some healthier habits – like sports or music – instead of roaming around with a sharp object. The campaign is expected to target fans of fried chicken who are between 10 and 21 years of age.

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The messages on the boxes “will bring home to thousands of young people the tragic consequences of carrying a knife and challenge the idea that it makes you safer,” said Kit Malthouse, the minister of state for policing.

Prominent Labour MPs of African extraction, however, denounced the plan as racist. Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbot called it a “crude, offensive and probably expensive” campaign that demonizes her community.

What’s next, knife-free watermelons?” asked Tottenham MP David Lammy.

It kind of “sounds like you're saying you think there's a demographic overlap between knife crime and fried chicken,” tweeted one member of the British public.

Another wondered if the money wouldn’t be better spent on “community outreach projects, social workers, job opportunities and schools.”

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The government does plan to beef up the police force with 20,000 new recruits and give them enhanced search powers, but that plan is also likely to be denounced as racist. The government’s own statistics show that black Britons are almost ten times more likely to be subject to “stop and search” by police than whites.

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