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What!? No holiday!? BoJo’s senior adviser cancels staff leave till October 31, Brexit day – report

What!? No holiday!? BoJo’s senior adviser cancels staff leave till October 31, Brexit day – report
UK government advisers have been told to forget about any holiday plans they may have had before October 31, Brexit deadline day, with PM Boris Johnson’s chief of staff canceling leave and talk of a general election increasing.

Special advisers working for the Tory government were emailed on Thursday evening by Johnson’s senior adviser, Edward Lister, to deliver the news no worker ever wants to hear.

Lister told staff that no one was to book holiday until after October 31, and that compensation would be considered “on a case-by-case basis” for those who had already secured leave, according to The Guardian.

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The one silver lining allegedly detailed in the email was that advisers were still free to spend their weekends “as you wish,” so a cheeky city break could still be on the cards for staff who may be pulling their hair out over Brexit.

It comes after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wrote a letter to Mark Sedwill, Britain’s most senior civil servant, on Thursday. He urged him to prevent Johnson ramming through a no-deal Brexit during a snap general election campaign that looks increasingly likely to take place this autumn.

Johnson wrote to civil servants on Friday saying his “top priority” was preparing “urgently and rapidly” for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit on October 31, adding that he “would very much prefer to leave with a deal” that gets rid of the contentious Irish backstop.

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