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2 Aug, 2019 13:17

Galloway blasts Lord Sugar for ‘sacrilegious mockery of Christian martyrs’, asks Pope to intervene

Galloway blasts Lord Sugar for ‘sacrilegious mockery of Christian martyrs’, asks Pope to intervene

Pope Francis must speak out against British businessman and politician Lord Sugar after he indulged in “sacrilegious mockery of religious relics” to make a cheap political point aimed at Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway claims.

Lord Sugar, while visiting the Ossuary Chapel of the Cathedral of Otranto in Italy had tweeted a picture showing skulls of Christian martyrs with the quip: “Looks like @jeremycorbyn shadow cabinet.” The tweet prompted outrage from Scottish firebrand Galloway, who tweeted the Pope, saying: “Please Father intervene.”

Galloway told RT that Pope Francis “should let it be known that he deprecates this insult” committed by Lord Sugar for cheapening and mocking those who were “martyred opposing the Ottomans.”

...he can say what he likes about Corbyn. I’m outraged at the cheap, coarse and, I believe, sacrilegious mockery of religious relics of considerable importance...840 martyrs, who were martyred opposing the Ottomans and are stored there in a Cathedral…

Galloway hit out at the ex-Labour peer, who now stands in the House of Lords as an independent, accusing the billionaire business mogul of double standards when it comes to respecting religious faiths

Lord Sugar has been a long-time critic of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn over a number of issues, but particularly on the supposed anti-semistism “crisis” within his party.

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A point that has not gone unnoticed by Galloway who claims if another religion had been mocked in this way then this would be “a monumental scandal and rightly so."

This is a man [Lord Sugar] who screams anti-semitism at the slightest criticism not of jews but of Netanyahu and the state of Israel. It's monumental hypocrisy.

It’s not the first time Lord Sugar has sparked controversy on social media. He provoked public outcry in June 2018 when he tweeted a picture of the Senegal football team with the caption: “I recognise some of these guys from the beach in Marbella. Multi-tasking resourceful chaps.” Many on social media accused the entrepreneur of “racism,” including Labour MP Dawn Butler.

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