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9 Jun, 2019 11:04

‘Don’t do drugs; you could end up a Tory!’ Twitter gleeful over top Conservatives’ confessions

‘Don’t do drugs; you could end up a Tory!’ Twitter gleeful over top Conservatives’ confessions

A slew of Tories competing to take over the top job from Theresa May have admitted to taking drugs ranging from cannabis to cocaine, prompting a torrent of jibes and criticism on Twitter.

The recent admissions include Michael Gove saying he took cocaine at several social events before he entered politics and Andrea Leadsom confessing to smoking weed in university. Boris Johnson admitted over a decade ago to trying cocaine and cannabis as a student.

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And the confessions among top Tories don’t end there: Dominic Raab has said he smoked cannabis in college, Rory Stewart admitted to smoking opium at a wedding in Iran 15 years ago, and Jeremy Hunt said he sampled a cannabis lassi while backpacking in India.

Twitter is beyond tickled at the spate of drug stories Tory leadership contenders have been coming out with, with reactions ranging from relief that drugs might just explain the entire Brexit fiasco so far, and others warning that an unwelcome side-effect of illegal drug use is that you become a Tory.

Some commenters, though, took a much dimmer view of the saga so far, pointing out that the rush to admit drug use shows that these politicians clearly live without any fear of repercussion unlike so many other people.

Some went further still, saying it demonstrates a serious double standard between black politicians lambasted for their relatives’ use of drugs and how white politicians apparently suffer no penalties for admitting first-hand use.

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