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‘I’d be brilliant’: Piers Morgan wants to take over from ‘absolutely embarrassing’ Theresa May

‘I’d be brilliant’: Piers Morgan wants to take over from ‘absolutely embarrassing’ Theresa May
With the sun setting on Theresa May’s inglorious time as UK Prime Minister blowhard TV host Piers Morgan has named the candidate that he feels is the ideal person to move into 10 Downing Street. And it’s… Piers Morgan.

Early polling strongly suggests that former foreign secretary Boris Johnson holds a strong lead in the race to be the next Conservative Party leader and thus Britain’s next prime minister. But speaking on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday the 54-year-old TV presenter said his “special relationship” with President Donald Trump makes him a “brilliant” candidate.

Morgan blasted May for clinging onto power and described her leadership as “cringe making, stubborn and embarrassing”.

He was described as “hopeless” by his co-presenter Susanna Reid but the former tabloid editor was unruffled. “I’d be brilliant. I’d have a very special relationship with the President of the United States,” he said.

We would sort the new world order out and I’d get stuff done. First sign of a cabinet rebellion early on, bang, out all of you.

Morgan then took aim at some prominent Tories branding Johnson a “naughty boy” and said he would have put Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling “in a taxi if I didn't think he’d crash it”.

The suggestion sparked a debate on Twitter, with some fans offering their support to Morgan's leadership bid.

It’s not the first time Morgan has made a bid for the top job in British politics. He made a similar pitch in January 2018 while criticizing Prime Minister May’s Cabinet reshuffle. At that time a poll found that 57 percent of Good Morning Britain viewers backed Morgan to replace May.

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