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12 May, 2019 13:05

‘Most ridiculous interview ever’: Farage blasts BBC in testy live exchange on Marr show

‘Most ridiculous interview ever’: Farage blasts BBC in testy live exchange on Marr show

Nigel Farage slammed the BBC in a combative and awkward interview with host Andrew Marr on Sunday. The fiery exchange saw the Brexit leader accuse the broadcaster of being “ridiculous” and in denial about the European elections.

The interview quickly turned tetchy when Marr asked Farage about his past comment that worrying about global warming was “the stupidest thing in human history.” Farage said he thought it wasn’t “terribly intelligent” to tax the UK “to the hilt” and put people out of work, but then blasted the host for not discussing the Brexit Party and the upcoming European Parliament elections instead of his previous statements.

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“Here we are with one of the biggest changes in politics that's ever occurred and you've [sic] not even interested. What is wrong with the BBC? What is wrong with the BBC?” he asked.

“What is wrong with the BBC?” he repeated as Marr ignored his comment and asked him about gun control. Neither party appeared interested in engaging in a conversation.

“This sums it up,” Farage said, pointing out he had been talking at packed rallies and that the BBC wasn’t there, “and from this line of questioning, I can see why.”

Marr continued to pepper the politician with questions about his past comments before Farage blasted his approach.

”I’ve never in my life seen a more ridiculous interview than this,” the 55-year-old said, going on to accuse the BBC of being in denial about the reality of what is going on in politics and warning they were in for a surprise when the results of the European elections are revealed.

When asked whether he still admires Vladimir Putin, Farage asked what the relevance of this was. “I’m trying to work out who you are and where the Brexit party, which wants to destroy the two-party system, is going,” a frustrated Marr responded.

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“You haven’t asked about a single other member of the Brexit Party,” Farage said. “You haven’t commented on the fact that we have the most diverse list of candidates of any party fighting in this election.”

The interview garnered a lot of reaction on social media with many agreeing with Farage that the BBC did look ridiculous, while others criticized both the politician and the host for their behavior.

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