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26 Apr, 2019 11:21

Speculation mounts that Banksy has left his mark on Extinction Rebellion protests

Speculation mounts that Banksy has left his mark on Extinction Rebellion protests

Speculation is mounting that enigmatic street artist Banksy has marked 10 days of climate change protests in London, led by Extinction Rebellion (XR), with one of his distinctive works of art.

An image of a young child, head covered, holding an Extinction Rebellion sign, accompanied by the words “From this moment despair ends and tactics begin,” was spotted by climate activists after the closing ceremony, in Marble Arch on Thursday evening.

The quote used is from Belgian writer Raoul Vaneigem’s 1967 book, ‘The Revolution of Everyday Life’.

The artwork is yet to be confirmed as a Banksy, but it would appear many on social media don’t need much convincing that the piece is authentic.

One Twitter user thanked Banksy for “honouring the climate protests” and for choosing to portray the girl in a hijab. Another was convinced this intervention proved that Banksy was a member of British trip-hop band Massive Attack.

There were, however, those that cautioned against jumping to conclusions before getting confirmation. @captainboo tweeted: “All those people in Marble Arch and not one of them spotted Banksy?”

Environmental activists from Extinction Rebellion took their final day of protests to the heart of Britain’s financial district, gluing themselves to the London Stock Exchange and climbing onto the roof of a train at Canary Wharf.

A total of 1,130 people have been arrested and 69 charged in connection with the climate change protests, according to the London Metropolitan Police.

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