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Piers Morgan blasts Meghan & Harry for blowing taxpayer cash to become ‘King & Queen of Africa’

Piers Morgan blasts Meghan & Harry for blowing taxpayer cash to become ‘King & Queen of Africa’
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly mulling a move to South Africa to explore Meghan’s African ancestry after her child’s birth, spurring Piers Morgan to ask what Brits are willing to pay for the royals’ ‘African folly.’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, in outspoken talk-show host Piers Morgan’s estimation, are not exactly the most frugal members of the royal family. After the couple’s $40 million dollar wedding and what is likely the only baby-shower to have been described as an “orgy of opulence,” Morgan's Tuesday column for the Daily Mail suggests the ‘royal rock stars’ may be planning to outdo even themselves with plans to move to South Africa.

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“So Meghan Markle and Prince Harry now want to be King and Queen of Africa? Aww, how nice!” Morgan sarcastically quipped before estimating what the wayward royals’ adventure might end up costing taxpayers. Given 24/7 police protection teams and Meghan’s “large retinue of personal staff,” Morgan estimates that the cost might run into the millions.

He further speculated that there may be other motivations for the move, in particular the fact that the couple “pale into royal power insignificance compared to their rivals, William and Kate,” the future King and Queen.

This ridiculous African adventure smacks of Meghan and Harry trying to create their own new rival version of the Monarchy, on an alternative continent, to preen in.

With England suffering from economic hardships tied to seemingly endless Brexit negotiations, Morgan suggests the timing is rather ill-conceived for the couple to ask the public to foot the bill for them to get a change of scenery.

Given the UK’s colonial history and the current crisis in race-relations facing South Africa, one wonders if those praising the idea have considered whether or not the couple’s desire to move there is reciprocated.

Morgan’s comments, as per usual, inspired his own share of haters on Twitter, some pointing out that despite his apparent outrage over picking up the royals’ tab, Piers has kept quiet when the public’s charge card is in Kate Middleton’s hand.