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20 Nov, 2018 19:55

Policeman knocking at PM’s door to let the cat in could be the most British moment caught on live TV

Policeman knocking at PM’s door to let the cat in could be the most British moment caught on live TV

A video of a police officer knocking politely on the door of Number 10 to let in Downing Street’s Chief Mouser has charmed Twitter, rocketing to viral status in just minutes.

The moment was captured in a TV cross to Downing Street, aired by Sky News. Over the shoulder of the TV reporter, Number 10’s cat – best known as Larry the Cat, who has a 199,000-strong fan base on Twitter – can be seen waiting patiently at the door of Prime Minister Theresa May’s residence.

Larry, apparently finished with mouse-catching for the day, is let in when a kindly policeman knocks on the door to permit the Cabinet Office’s kitty inside… We’ll bet that the federal feline was happy as Larry with that result.

The tweet soon amassed thousands of retweets and even more likes on Twitter, with even Larry the Cat coming across it himself… and he wasn’t impressed.

The Cabinet Office’s chief mouser was quick to join in the fun, sharing a clip put together by the BBC of the kitty knock knock.

It seems those watching enjoyed the over-the-shoulder exchange, with one viewer commenting that they were “distracted by the cat for the entire segment,” with another comparing the incident to ‘Rees-Moggy’ and the UK’s Brexit negotiations.

It’s not the first time Larry the Cat has found himself in the spotlight. He frequently tweets about the political news of the day – or winds up making the headlines thanks to his long-lasting feud with Palmerston, the Foreign Office cat.

The two have had an icy relationship since the neighbouring feline’s appointment two years ago. In July 2016, Palmerston and Larry were caught on camera in a stand-off at Downing Street. Two weeks later, Palmerston was caught sneaking into Number 10, but was later evicted by police. Later that year Larry suffered an injured paw after a particularly violent showdown with Palmerston.

More recently, the two ferocious felines were caught having a serious cat-fight. Palmerston suffered an injury to his ear and Larry lost his collar in the scrap – when will the bloodbath end?

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