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8 Oct, 2018 14:57

Vomit and used condoms in MPs offices: Parliament’s cleaners complain about partying politicians

Vomit and used condoms in MPs offices: Parliament’s cleaners complain about partying politicians

Cleaners at the Houses of Parliament complain that they have to clear up used condoms and vomit left by unruly MPs and their aides.

MPs are reportedly to face strict new rules about their behavior. Commons authorities are considering the introduction of a ‘service agreement’ that would cover the appropriate use of workspaces in the Houses of Parliament, the Sunday Times report.

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“It’s the type of behaviour you would expect from students enjoying freshers’ week, not MPs and their staff,” a source reported in the Sunday Times said, “but cleaners are being confronted with vomit and used condoms in offices used by MPs and their staff.”

“It should be made clear that the cleaners are not there to clear up after their debauchery and this is not an appropriate use of their office space.”

Westminster was rocked by sex scandals last year when the then-manager of Parliament’s Sports and Social bar complained after being pestered for sex by an MP. She reported that one even followed and groped her. The bar was closed down and handed to new management following the revelations.


Additionally, numerous MPs were called out for sexual misconduct, the most prominent of which was then-Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon, who quit the cabinet after admitting his behavior towards women had “fallen short” in the past.


Fallon’s colleague Damian Green also resigned from the cabinet after an internal investigation found that he had lied to colleagues over pornography found on his computer.

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