Man with meat cleaver attempts to set fire to 2 UK banks

Man with meat cleaver attempts to set fire to 2 UK banks
A man with a meat cleaver has gone on a rampage in Hull, UK, attempting to burn down two banks. Horrified onlookers watched as the man tried to set fire to Santander before moving on to the Barclays bank next door.

Emergency services were called to the scene at about 1pm Tuesday afternoon amid reports of a man brandishing a weapon in the city center. A number of stores were evacuated as the unidentified man terrorised the city center.

Videos uploaded to social media show the man waving the weapon around before pouring a liquid, thought to be petrol, on the ground near the entrance to the King Edward Street branch of Santander and setting it alight.

He then moved on to the Barclays bank next door, lighting a fire inside. Both banks are currently closed.

Humberside police said in a statement that the situation was contained quickly and that the man was arrested at Paragon Interchange. The suspect is now in custody and no one was seriously injured, the statement added.

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