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20 Dec, 2017 13:02

Could you be the BBC’s ‘head of change’? Beeb baffles with £78k role

Could you be the BBC’s ‘head of change’? Beeb baffles with £78k role

The BBC is looking to splash out £78,000 ($104,500) on a new “head of change.” Wondering what that is? You’re not the only one.

Channeling its own comedy series W1A, the Beeb is seeking someone who can, well, nobody is really sure about that part. Filling out the application form could be a struggle for anyone who fancies the bumper pay check.

The Beeb says the applicant will be in charge of 'leveraging opportunities for benefits,' yet the four-page ad cannot explain what on Earth that means. Confused? Us too.
It is clear, however, that the person must bring about change. So much change, in fact, that it mentions the word 77 times. Perhaps they might be in charge of changing the way jobs are advertised?

The BBC's jargon-filled ad states that the role will be to 'influence the success of the Terms & Conditions program with far-reaching impacts.’

Widely mocked by the BBC’s own journalists, the job advert has been compared to a self-deprecating satire starring Hugh Bonneville called W1A.

The sitcom features a “head of values” and “director of better” at the BBC. The ideal candidate for the role will be a person with “experience of facilitating and monitoring change, and able to confidently deal with complexity, and ambiguity in a pressured environment, and can flex to changes in business focus”.

Is that changing the way the Beeb works, or changing a nappy? Because we still don’t know. Another task is to “oversee and gain senior stakeholder buy-in for the design and planning of the required change management interventions required to successfully embed the change.”

Of course, the license-fee funded BBC has backed its decision to advertise for the post. The head of change will be based at the BBC’s London headquarters and work within the corporation’s deputy director general group, which is responsible for departments including HR, finance and legal.

A BBC spokesman said: “It's true the BBC is changing as we modernize and become ever more efficient, and head of change is a common job in businesses up and down the country.”