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30 Oct, 2017 19:32

Man raped his mum because he was ‘stressed’ at being accused of raping his girlfriend

Man raped his mum because he was ‘stressed’ at being accused of raping his girlfriend

A man who raped his own mother claims he assaulted her in the middle of the night because he was “stressed” over allegations that he had raped his girlfriend. The 29-year-old admitted to the cocaine-fuelled attack in which he also threatened his mother with a screwdriver.

At the time of the assault, he was on bail for raping his partner and eventually convicted at Liverpool Crown Court. During one violent episode, sparked by a jealous rage, he hit his girlfriend three times and then began to kick her while she lay on the floor.

The court heard how the suspect forced his girlfriend to perform a sex act on him and then raped her after alleging she was cheating on him.

“It was a nasty, sustained and unpleasant assault,” Neville Biddle, prosecuting, said, according to the Liverpool Echo.

While on bail, he binged on drink and drugs before setting upon his own mother.

He raped her at around 4am before stealing her car and fleeing to the Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Biddle said: “He was shouting ‘mum, mum.’ He put his hand over her mouth and he held a screwdriver.”

He admitted to two counts of rape and one of sexual assault against his mother. The man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the women, showed his true self in court when he was pronounced guilty of assault causing actual bodily harm, rape and sexual assault.

After the guilty verdict, the man jumped to his feet and began shouting abuse at his victim who sat in the public gallery.

He smashed the glass panel he was sitting behind in the dock and had to be restrained by prison officers as he screamed “You f*****g b****!” at the girlfriend.

Defending lawyer Brian McKenna reportedly insisted his client did not pose a threat to the wider public. Although the defendant’s ex-girlfriend was traumatized, McKenna said the woman suffered “a degree of psychological harm which was not severe.”

Judge Elizabeth Nicholls said she “sought to limit his responsibility” for raping his mother and said she had “no doubt” that he was a danger to women.

She said: “You suggested you only behaved in this fashion because you were facing false allegations. It is such a lack of insight that causes the most concern to this court.”

“A psychiatric report describes you as having a potential dissocial personality disorder,” Judge Nicholls said, the Liverpool Echo reported.

“In particular it expresses concern with regard to your callous unconcern for others, low tolerance for frustration and incapacity to experience guilt,” the judge said.

“Whilst on bail you committed these horrific offences upon your mother.

"You still seek to explain these away and excuse your conduct away by referring to the stress of the situation that you found yourself in. Most people having been arrested for a serious offence of rape may try to address their issues. It doesn’t appear that you have done so.”

The man was jailed for 15 years, plus six months added for contempt of court, with an extended six years on license.